Shishu Mandir has been efficiently working towards creating a generation of children who are not bound by the circumstances they were born into. Coming from the most desperate of situations, often with alcoholic fathers and despairing mothers their future looks bleak. At Shishu Mandir they have been receiving education, love and care, guidance in their careers and consequently they were able to reach a life of self-sufficiency and independence. Shishu Mandir today offers a comprehensive support system with a free school, vocational training and higher education. The entire community, where the Shishu children come from is supported through various welfare projects in order to allow the children to develop to the best of their abilities and also as a way of igniting hope within the communities. Indo-MIM has a role to play in the development of these needy kids too, as the company has been providing donation to the institution for the mid-day meals.

Shishu Mandir – A Temple for Children, a place where children can have a feeling of security and comfort – this is what we imagined when we started to take misery-stricken children into our fold. One of the most important factors in making a child, especially one who has seen extreme poverty, feel cared for and safe is the knowledge that they will not go hungry. At Shishu Mandir, we take a lot to care to ensure this is provided and we were lucky to receive support towards this until September 2014. Even as we struggled to find a way to address this basic requirement Indo US-MIM came to our support. We are extremely happy to be able to continue to provide for our children’s nutrition without compromising on the quality of the food or any other aspect of their care. Our thanks to everyone at Indo US-MIM for this important and substantial support. With this help, 205 children will be benefitted for 300 days in a year.

Hella Mundhra, Shishu Mandir