During the year 2011, Schaeffler was sourcing for potential suppliers who could facilitate with the development of shift finger, using the investment casting process. This was a first of its kind attempt as shift finger was never developed using the investment casting process anywhere in the world. Schaeffler’s search for a suitable supplier ended when Indo-MIM acknowledged Schaefller’s challenge to develop the part. To further augment dedication to this particular development, Indo-MIM installed a state of the art robotic process for shell molding. Considering the involvement of complex operations, various trials were conducted with different design fixtures to set up robust machining processes. The most critical phase during this development was to achieve geometric dimensions & tolerances on coulis & ramp profile. The complex chain of supply chain management involved during the process was handled proficiently by Indo-MIM. Indo-MIM currently supplies about 1000 shift fingers per day, with zero defects to Schaeffler. The performance of this product has been highly acclaimed by end customers as well. Indo-MIM is now one of Schaeffler’s strategic