MPIF – 2016

Indo-MIM Pvt. Ltd. (Indo-MIM) has received Design Excellence Awards at the 2016 World Congress held between June 5th and 8th, 2016 on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials (POWDERMET2016) at Boston, USA.

The Award of Distinction in the Lawn & Garden/ Off-Highway Category was given toIndo-US MIM Tec Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India, for a MIM-17-4 PH stainless steel diesel leak-off union (Figure 10) made forLombardini, Italy. The part goes into the fuel injection of a line of Kohler diesel engines that are assembled in JCB MIDI and mini excavators, compact wheeled loaders, and Teletruk forklifts. Custom ceramic setters are used in sintering to maintain the straightness of the four tube-like features and the pitch between two center tubes, so critical for assembly. The part is molded close to net shape, needing only a reaming operation to achieve straightness of the long hole. A conversion from a previously used plastic part, whose performance suffered in the tough working environment and load/vibrations in the field, the MIM part delivered savings of around 10% through improved quality.

Indo-MIM recognized at Shimano Vendors Award in Singapore

Ralph Marston had said “Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations” and Indo-MIM proved it again with winning a prestigious award recently, adding a feather in the cap! Indo-MIM won the “Shimano Vendors Award 2015” under the “Excellent Management Support category” at Raffles Marina Ltd., Atrium Compass Ballroom; Singapore on 12th March 2016. Indo-MIM’s extra-ordinary capability to offer the best of world-class technology at competitive prices with an eye on consistent development, delivery and quality was applauded at the ceremony. Mr. Manjunath N, Team Leader- Product Engineering; Indo-MIM received the award from Mr. Chia Chin Seng, MD of SPL/SCM & Head of S.E.A. Indo-MIM has been recognized thrice at such a platform for its excellent commitment and co-operation with Shimano.

Shimano (Singapore) PTE. LTD.; a subsidy of Shimano Inc. is a world class leader in development, production and distribution of bicycle components, fishing tackle and rowing equipments. With an intention of appreciating the continuous support in achieving excellent product quality, cost and delivery with upholding the Quality objective of Best quality and service for customer satisfaction; Shimano had organized the awards.

IEI Award

Indo-US MIM Tec. Pvt. Ltd. (Indo-MIM), a leading global supplier of Metal Injection Molded (MIM) products was honored to receive the IEI Industry Excellence Award 2015 in the category of Manufacturing & Processing, in recognition of the outstanding performance last year. The award was presented to Indo-MIM Chairman Dr. Krishna Chivukula by the Hon’ble Governor of Tripura Mr. Tathgata Roy on December 18, 2015, at the Inaugural Ceremony of 30th Indian Engineering Congress at Guwahati. The event was conducted by The Institution of Engineers (India).

The 30th Indian Engineering Congress of The Institution of Engineers (India) was hosted by the Assam State Centre on the theme of ”21st Century Engineering – The Make in India Pathway”. Dr. Chivukula was invited to give the 37th Annual Sir Mukherjee Address for which he delivered a talk on “Make In India- Challenges” on December 17, 2015

The Institution of Engineers (India) is the world’s largest multi-disciplinary professional engineering society in the realm of engineering and technology and has completed 96 years of existence. Instituted in 2008, The Institution of Engineers (India), gives the Industry Excellence Awards every year, which recognizes Industries for innovation, environment & Safety practices, HR efficiency, Business performance and other related activities.

Schaeffler-Best Delivery Supplier Award 2014

During the year 2011, Schaeffler was sourcing for potential suppliers who could facilitate with the development of shift finger, using the investment casting process. This was a first of its kind attempt as shift finger was never developed using the investment casting process anywhere in the world. Schaeffler’s search for a suitable supplier ended when Indo-MIM acknowledged Schaefller’s challenge to develop the part. To further augment dedication to this particular development, Indo-MIM installed a state of the art robotic process for shell molding. Considering the involvement of complex operations, various trials were conducted with different design fixtures to set up robust machining processes. The most critical phase during this development was to achieve geometric dimensions & tolerances on coulis & ramp profile. The complex chain of supply chain management involved during the process was handled proficiently by Indo-MIM. Indo-MIM currently supplies about 1000 shift fingers per day, with zero defects to Schaeffler. The performance of this product has been highly acclaimed by end customers as well. Indo-MIM is now one of Schaeffler’s strategic


Indo-US MIM Tec. Pvt. Ltd. (Indo-MIM) has received six MPIF PM Design Excellence Awards at the recently concluded 2015 World Congress on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials (PM2015) at San Diego, California.

Grand Prize in Off-Highway Segment : Indo-MIM won the award for four MIM components—catcher, tension bar, and new base cap & body—. The components are used in proportional valves found in hydraulic circuits of off-highway and farm equipment. The two parts forming the new base are made of MIM 17-4 PH stainless steel, while the catcher and tension bar are formed of 4605 low-alloy steel. All dimensions of the two parts forming the new base are achieved in the as-MIM condition, including the internal thread in the body. The catcher receives a grinding and burnishing to attain the OD tolerance and surface finish, while the tension bar needs only a turning operation to form an external thread without a parting line. Heat-treated properties include a minimum density of 7.5 g/cm³, 1,550 MPa ultimate tensile strength, yield strength of 1,400 MPa, 3% elongation, and 42–48 HRC hardness range. The parts were formerly produced via machining, welding, conventional PM, and fastening. By completely re-designing the parts to maximize the advantages MIM offers, the customer obtained savings estimated at 65%, with annual production of 350,000.

Distinction in Automotive Segment : Indo-MIM won the award for a MIM 4605 low-alloy steel top plate that goes into shock absorbers of an American automobile. The complexity of the part—with its 18 holes and six thin ribs that connect to a ring around a central hole—presented a challenge to complete filling. The gating and venting system played a key role in producing this part defect free. It is produced close to net shape, with surface grinding to achieve flatness and a facing operation to achieve height tolerance being the only secondary operations performed. After heat treating, the part has a density of 7.5 g/cm³, ultimate tensile strength of 1,550 MPa, yield strength of 1,400 MPa, elongation of 3%, and a hardness range of 42–48 HRC. This application is a new design for MIM and delivers increased repeatability/accuracy of the shock absorber over the previous machined version, with estimated savings of 25%.

Award of Distinction in Hardware Segment: Indo-MIM won the award for MIM 17-4 PH stainless steel parts—front and rear keepers that go into industrial electrical locks. The parts’ complexity, with many cross holes and sharp knurl features, required the use of multiple slides, some moving at different angles. The parts are made close to net shape requiring only a final coining to adjust a small distortion and a tapping operation on the front keeper. The heat-treated properties include density of 7.5 g/cm³, ultimate tensile strength of 1,220 MPa, yield strength of 1,100 MPa, elongation of 7%, and a hardness range of 35–40 HRC. Annual quantities are 20,000 per part.

Award of Distinction in Recreation Segment: Indo-MIM won the award for 4605 low-alloy steel bolt used in a recreational item. Made via MIM, the part replaced one produced by brazing together three machined parts, delivering an estimated 35% cost savings in the process. The part’s design features many cross holes and undercuts, requiring complex side core matchings in the molding cavity. The part has a heat-treated density of 7.5 g/cm³, ultimate tensile strength of 1,550 MPa, yield strength of 1,400 MPa, elongation of 3%, and a hardness range of 28–35 HRC maximum. The fabricator delivers 60,000 pieces annually.

Award of Distinction in Electrical Segment: Indo-MIM won the award for MIM 17-4 PH stainless steel shell that part goes into a charging assembly for mobile phones. The complex geometry of the part, with thin cross sections and internal undercuts, was achieved with a slide-in-slide mechanism moving on specially designed cam tracks. All dimensions are achieved in the as-sintered condition, with properties that include a density of 7.5 g/cm³, ultimate tensile strength of 900 MPa, yield strength of 730 MPa, elongation of 7%, and 35 HRC hardness. The MIM part replaced an earlier design that used sheet metal processing and welding, with an estimated 20% cost savings. Two million of the parts are delivered each month.

Award of Distinction in Electrical Segment: Indo-MIM won the award for two parts—a male fool-proof device and a female polarizer—made via MIM from 4340 low-alloy steel. The parts go into an electric connector assembly made for a leading aircraft manufacturer. Both parts are fabricated to net shape, with all dimensions achieved in the as-MIM condition; this includes the threads, which are formed through auto unwinding in the tooling. The parts have a minimum heat-treated density of 7.5 g/cm³, ultimate tensile strength of 1,500 MPa, yield strength of 1,350 MPa, 4% elongation, and a hardness range of 42–48 HRC. The fabricator delivers 320,000 pieces annually.

Best Supplier Award

In recognition of developing various MIM and IC components, Indo-MIM has been presented with“Best Supplier Award” this year under the category of Value Addition/ Value Engineering (VA/VE); for their efforts in developing various critical components through integrated technology and product innovation. This Award was presented at the recently held Danfoss Supplier Event 2015- India in Chennai on Jan 22-23 2015. Mr. Dan Rohde; Global Procurement Director, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Controls Division and Mr. Prashant Yardi, Global Category Manager presented the award to Mr. Krishna Chivukula Jr., CEO, Indo-MIM for pro-active ideas on VA/VE resulting into mutual business impacts. Going beyond- with cutting edge technology in facilitating with Alternate design and cost effective solutions has resulted into savings for Danfoss.

Indo-MIM Cummins Award

In recognition of developing various MIM and IC components, Indo-MIM has been presented this year with “Best Supplier Innovation Award”, a Memento of recognition by Cummins Inc. for their efforts in developing various critical components through integrated technology and product innovation. This Award was presented at the recently held Cummins India ABO Supplier Conference 2014 in Pune on June 26th 2014.


Indo-US MIM Tec. Pvt. Ltd. (Indo-MIM) obdržela čtyři ceny MPIF PM Design Excellence Awards na nedávno uzavřeném Světovém kongresu 2014 o práškové metalurgii a částicových materiálech (PM2014) v Orlandu na Floridě.

Indo-MIM získal hlavní cenu v automobilovém průmyslu – kategorii motorů pro čtyři části MIM – kontrola prázdného výtoku, zpětného vypouštěcího zpětného ventilu, kontroly výtlaku ventilu a pružinového sedla CRV – které přechází do zařízení, které řídí tok paliva v přímém vstřikování benzínu nebo GDI a čerpadla. Konstrukce byla výrobcem posouzena jako možná nejsložitější a nejobjemnější část, kterou kdy vyrobila MIM. Zákazník realizoval úspory nákladů téměř 35%, zatímco výkon čerpadla se zlepšil úpravou celé geometrie, aby se zvýšila dynamika průtoku, což má za následek zvýšení spotřeby paliva o 10% až 20%.

V kategorii Automobilový podvozek získal Indo-MIM Cenu za vyznamenání za čelní soukolí, které se používá v sestavě zadních dveří SUV pro umožnění jejich otevření v případě ztráty funkce automatického řízení. Toto zařízení je vyrobeno pomocí MIM a dosahuje odhadovaných úspor 30% v procesu, což je vynikající příklad schopnosti MIM splnit blízké tolerance soustřednosti a kolmosti na součásti s tak dlouhým profilem převodovky. Výrobce dodává ročně 720 000 dílů. Kromě toho Indo-MIM obdržela cenu za rozlišování v kategorii Hardware / spotřebiče za tři díly – výstupní hřídel, páku a kryt – které jsou sestaveny do mechanismu rychlé výměny Dremel. multitool. Mechanismus umožňuje výměnu libovolného bitu nástroje během několika sekund.

V kategorii lékařských / zubních lékařů získala společnost Indo-MIM cenu za vyznamenání za zvukovou trubici používanou v naslouchadle pro jednoho ze svých významných zákazníků. Vyrobeno přes MIM, vysoce komplexní součást dosahuje všech svých vlastností v as-slinovaném stavu, s pouze tryskáním skleněných kuliček pro lepší provedení jako sekundární operace. Díl poskytuje 20% úspory nákladů oproti konkurenčním formovacím procesům a výrobce dodává 500 000 dílů ročně.

Ocenění Design Excellence Awards MPIF uznávají designy zdůrazňující vylepšený tvar sítě, přesnost, inovativní metody výroby, efektivitu výroby, příspěvky na udržitelnost a snižování výrobních nákladů, které jsou schopné technologie práškových kovů. Během své dlouhé a významné historie je MPIF stálým šampiónem této inovativní technologie, která pomáhá rozvíjet umění a vědu práškové metalurgie a zároveň propaguje její výhody pro potenciální konečné uživatele.

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