Education is an utmost important factor for prospering lives and Indo-MIM has always kept it in highest priority. To keep the spirit intact, Indo-MIM took the initiative for solely supporting a school, which had a mission to brighten the dreams of small kids.

Indo-MIM has taken the initiative to support the entire expenditure incurred for running of “Deenabandhu Primary School” located in Chamarajanagara district, Karnataka, India. Not only does it covers the mid-day meals of the primary kids, but at the same time, it supports the salaries of the teachers and also helps in providing the computer and science lab education to students. Indo-MIM is providing 100% grant for running the primary school and nurturing the young minds for better future.

Case Study

With the funding provided by Indo-MIM; Deenabandhu school has managed to provide psychological support to children who have experience a traumatic past. Dr Anouk Prop, a psychologist from Netherlands, has been volunteering at the school, providing help to such students for four months now and has a tale to tell;

Satish (name changed) was left alone on the streets by his mother when he was four years old with a promise to come back. But she never returned back to her son. Six years of wait turned into vain. This trauma made him coward who trusts nobody in life. With a soft voice and painful eyes, he was experiencing a deep damage in his life. That is when Deenabandhu school entered into his life with a ray of hope!

Dr. Prop, when ask him of his ambition in life. His sparkling eyes take no seconds to say he wants to become a doctor. Reach out to everybody who is in need is his ambition in life. His will power towards his ambition is inspiring for lot of children in the school. He has been even designated as “school doctor” who is readily available for any kind of medical help to the students. He cleans their wounds and puts plasters where needed. His motto in life is to provide help to all the kids who are in serious need of the same.

Deenabandhu Trust is deeply indebted to Indo-MIM Bangalore for supporting our rural primary school and education improvement programme. In the absence of government grants; financial support from Indo-MIM is pivotal in achieving quality education to the underprivileged children by establishing a Teacher Resource Centre, midday meals, salary to teachers and school building maintenance. Indo-MIM is also supporting us for the maintenance of computer lab and chemistry lab. Thanks to Dr Krishna Chivukula, Founder and Chairman of Indo – US MIM Tec Pvt Ltd! We are highly inspired by his words “I believe that every child, irrespective of circumstances of the birth deserves equal opportunity to grow to his or her full potential”

Professor G.S Jayadev, Founder Secretary of Deenabandhu Trust, Chamarajanagar